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I believe that the true beauty of love lies in its spontaneity and unscripted moments. Our approach is to blend into the background, becoming a silent observer to ensure that every photograph encapsulates the genuine joy, tenderness, and passion shared among you.

Welcome to Olivia Rose Photography, where I specialize in the art of documentary-style photography that portrays the enchanting moments of love in all its forms. Our mission is simple yet profound - to artistically freeze the fleeting instances that reveal the genuine essence of your story.

Your love story is as unique as you are, and I am here to capture the essence of your journey as you take the first steps towards forever. With a blend of artistic vision and a documentary approach, I focus on preserving the candid moments and unguarded emotions that unfold during your special day. From the laughter-filled exchanges of vows to the intimate stolen glances, I ensure every detail is immortalized with a touch of whimsy, allowing you to relive the magic of your wedding day for generations to come.

Weddings & Engagements

Families are a tapestry of love and connection, woven together with countless memories. Our family and lifestyle photography sessions are designed to celebrate the joy of togetherness in the most authentic way. Whether it's a playful afternoon in the park, a cozy gathering at home, or a spontaneous adventure outdoors, I capture the genuine interactions and unscripted laughter that define your family's unique bond.

Family & Lifestyle


"Olivia you delivered in every single way in capturing our wedding day. You exceeded everyone’s expectations 10 times over and now we will forever be able to cherish and feel the love of our wedding day because of you and your passion for photography. You were punctual, you went with the crazy eb and flow of our friends in capturing all our groomsman and brides maids in their natural element, and you perfected those horrible family photos that everyone knows they are obligated to do at a family event and you captured it so perfectly that we are almost convinced everybody loves 110 family photos…"

Meet Olivia

Olivia Rose Photography was born out of a lifelong passion for freezing time in the most magical way possible. And now, for the better part of my 23 years I've had a camera in my hand.

I strive to find beauty in the unconventional and the extraordinary in the ordinary. My love for all things funky and vibrant infuses a touch of playfulness into each shot, creating timeless memories that evoke a sense of wonder and joy.

Love knows no boundaries, and I'm here to capture the unique essence of your connection

From sunlit embraces on the family farm to laughter-filled picnics in the park, each photograph tells a tale of love, joy, and genuine connections. I take pride in our ability to capture the unguarded moments that reflect the true essence of your relationships.


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