Abbie & shelly

No fuss. Simple. Elegant. Beautiful.

The way they wanted to celebrate their love. Just the two of them on a farm outside of Wingham, NSW. Jaimee from The Country Road Celebrant hosted their day from start to finish. "Say I do & Stay for Two". And they did exactly that.

As soon as they arrived, we were eagerly waiting to help them get hitched. They drove up the hill to where their ceremony awaited them. The sun was out to mark the end of Summer. They quietly said their vows to each other, sealing it with a sweet kiss. We witnessed their papers, and just like that, they were wed. 

They even sealed the deal by writing their initials into the tree that stood tall on the very top of the hill where they became wife & wife. 

The fun didn't dare stop there. We went for a quick drive down to the creek for some photos. Often when people think of wedding photos, they think awkward poses, cheesy smiles and absolute dread. Their experience, and all my couple's experiences, are just the opposite. We had fun with it and it showed in the final results.

We sat by the creek, they took in the fact that they were married, we adventured. 

The best part - Abbie turned to me and asked my opinion on them getting IN the creek. My response - hell yes (respectfully). So they did. It was just like a fairytale. We stood there in awe watching them together.

Words cannot describe the feeling I felt when watching these two beautiful humans looking at each other with such love, drenched in the creek, holding each other. Just like two real life fairies. 

Photography - Olivia Rose Photography @oliviarosephotographyy
Celebrant / Venue - Jaimee from The Country Road Celebrant
Florals - Willa Botanica
Make Up - Stevie Clarke MUA
Hair - Adore Hair Co

Just the two of them